Bare Naked is owned by Natural Vapes, Inc. located in Los Angeles, California.  Our company name was carefully picked to represent what we stand for in the electronic cigarette industry.  Our e-juice name says a lot about our product.  It is bare and naked of any toxins,  harmful chemicals or propylene glycol (unless specifically requested).  We offer you a simple product: Natural flavor and your nicotine level of choice.  We also offer our products without nicotine.

Our mission is to help people transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, which do not contain tobacco or toxic chemicals that are both bad for the smoker as well as the environment.  We offer different levels of nicotine giving the vapor the opportunity to lower their levels all the way down to 0mg.

Because we have a  vape store and work one-on-one with our customers, we are able to get firsthand feedback about what makes for a great vaping experience and what e-juice is the most desired.   Though we carry other e-juice in our store, Bare Naked is our top seller due to the natural ingredients and strong flavors.  We take our time putting together and testing our flavors with our staff as well as our local customers before adding them to our website, so you may not find and endless list of choices right away.  We are adding flavors weekly, so please check back.



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